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Kansas Sex Offender Registration Laws

Sweeping changes in the Kansas Offender Registration Act (“KORA”) were passed in 2011. The
impact is dramatic. What was a ten year registration period has become 15 years, 25 years, or even
lifetime for some offenses. Registration is more than mailing in a form. It now requires in-person
reporting, potentially in multiple counties, four times per year. Each reporting costs money. And
there is no way to end registration early.

The Kansas Attorney General believes the new registration requirements apply even to those who
were convicted before the new law took effect. Our attorneys are fighting the retroactive application
of new registration requirements because we believe it violates the Ex Post Facto Clause of the
United States Constitution. On behalf of our client, a Kansas registrant, we have filed a civil suit
requesting a ruling that the KORA, as amended by 2011 Senate Bill 37, cannot constitutionally be
applied to an individual convicted and sentenced before July 1, 2011. While not guaranteed, success
in this lawsuit should result in the same relief being afforded to similarly situated KORA registrants.

The lawsuit is being aggressively defended, and the cost is exceeding our client’s original
expectations. He is now seeking help in paying the costs of the lawsuit from individuals who may
benefit from his success. Below is a link to a Donor Disclosure Statement and a letter from our client
to Kansas registrants. If you would like to contribute to his efforts, you may do so by the process
outlined in the Donor Disclosure Statement. All donations are handled through a trust, so you can
be assured that your funds will be used for only this case.

Download Donor Disclosure Statement

Donors are welcome to follow the case on this page of our website. Links to significant filings are
provided below. This page will be regularly updated with the latest filings to keep donors apprised
of the progress and status of the case.

Many attorneys are not up to speed the new registration laws. Some don’t know all of the restrictions a person faces if convicted and sentenced for an offense that requires registration. Our attorneys do. We can walk you through what you would face if convicted. If you were convicted and sentenced long ago and have been told recently that you have to register for the first time or for a longer period of time, we may be able to help. To discuss your concerns about registration, call our office at (785) 234-3272.

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