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Professional Discipline

Professional Discipline When your livelihood and reputation are on the line, you need attorneys who are experienced in litigating before regulatory boards and agencies. It is crucial that your attorney understand the administrative proceedings, the rules and policies adopted by the disciplinary board, the board's composition, and the agency staff. Our attorneys have experience litigating before various state agencies that regulate professional licensees. This experience allows our attorneys to aggressively represent licensed individuals and entities to avoid or mitigate the potentially devastating effects of professional discipline.

We understand the stakes are high when licensees are faced with allegations of deviating from the standard of care, unethical behavior, misconduct, substance abuse, or other impairments. Representation by experienced counsel is important whether your situation involves the denial of an application for licensure, an investigation into a complaint lodged against you, referral to an impaired provider program, or formal disciplinary action.

Our attorneys have unsurpassed experience representing licensees throughout the state. We defend licensed mental health professionals before the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board, nurses before the Kansas Nursing Board, and physicians, chiropractors, and physician assistants before the Kansas Board of Healing Arts. We also represent attorneys in actions before the Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys and the Kansas Supreme Court. And the close proximity of our Topeka office to the agencies' headquarters allows our attorneys to maintain relationships with agency staff and keep apprised of the current issues in a timely manner.


Once you are notified of an investigation into your practices or conduct, having an attorney to represent your interests is important. Retaining counsel to ensure the investigation is conducted in a fair and thorough manner could mean the difference between dismissal of the allegations as unsubstantiated and the initiation of formal disciplinary action. Often, it is in your interest to be a cooperative and active participant in the investigatory phase.

Early Resolution

Our attorneys are mindful of the importance of finding successful resolutions in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. Sometimes this means agreeing to settlement terms in order to resolve the matter quickly and with a guaranteed outcome.

Disciplinary Proceedings

Disciplinary proceedings are the forum in which the regulatory body submits its documentary evidence, witness testimony, and counsel arguments before a neutral and unbiased hearing officer or panel of officers. Licensees defending themselves in these proceedings will want counsel to assist in navigating through the legal process. The regulatory body will only be concerned about its case, not protecting your interests or seeing the issues from your perspective. Retaining counsel will ensure the regulatory body's evidence is appropriately challenged and allow you to put forth your strongest defense.


Our attorneys are committed to providing the best possible legal representation, but, despite the best attempts, sometimes the outcome is not favorable. Licensees may have grounds to appeal the regulatory agency's decision for judicial review by the courts, and our attorneys can help.

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